Google Play needs to do a better job giving us flexibility with music

Google Cloud Music (now called Google Play) has a lot of issues they need to overcome if they want to play with
the Amazons and Apples out there.

First, I had issues having my credit card stored with Google. That is partially my problem as it is difficult
to get a Virgin Islands address to work with some credit card publishers. Plus, they also said that I
wasn’t authorized to purchase music in the Virgin Islands. That isn’t necessarily Google’s fault but should
be addressed.

Second, downloaded music can only be played using the Google Android app. This sucks when there are
alternatives out there such as Amazon’s music player.

Third, you can’t just copy and paste your songs or export them from your phone. They are stored in a cache
on your phone but are assigned meaningless numbers as file names. All I wanted to do was to
transfer the files to my external hard drive and my ipod.

I have purchased two albums. One from Deadmau5 and the other from Kanye and Jay-Z. I can share them on
Google+ but I can’t transfer them from my phone?

In this era where Apple has shown that DRM should be less restrictive, why is it that Google makes it hard
to do stuff with music purchased on their platform? I do use Google’s cloud drive and Google’s cloud drive
to store my music. (and multiple external hard drives).

I would like to clarify that I don’t like Amazon’s cloud player either. It crashes too often and I can’t always find my
music that was previously downloaded. I seem to have a similar problem with Google.

Google, just let us buy DRM free music and let us do with it as we please. Don’t make it more difficult
for us. You should know as well as anyone those that want to pirate already can circumvent virtually
all the restrictions out there. Therefore, you are only hurting the regular consumer by making it difficult
to use the product.