What is the Default Canon Pin for Canon Printers?

What is the default Canon pin for canon printers?  I’ve had to look this up more than once therefore I need to make a note of it.  Very simply the ID and PIN (password) are both “7654321”.  While I am glad that part is easy I still am not a fan of Canon.  This time it’s their quirky address book.  First, there is no test button.  Why would such an expensive printer not have a test button for scanning?!  That is nuts.  Second, and even more importantly, it requires a path and location?  In other words say the directory you are scanning too is //mycomputernamebob/scans.

In the first field you enter //mycomputernamebob/ and then when you continue on you’ll come to a place where it asks for the path or location.  In there you just put scans.  Isn’t that weird?