Qotom PC with OPNsense will not boot without the Monitor Plugged In

I have 2 Qotom routers with OPNsense on them. They are both new routers with a newer Celeron processor. I have 2 more Qotom routers and I never experienced this issue before. I was a little lost as to what was going on. How many people can really say they can't boot a computer without a monitor? I wasted a good hour trying to figure it out.

The answer is in the BIOS. You have to choose UEFI for the video in the CSM section in the BIOS (which might be under CPU). As a professional who works with motherboards all the time, I can honestly say I was completely unfamiliar with this. I remember using the CSM section on an ASUS motherboard recently but it wasn't related to video.

As I stated earlier I believe  I wasted well over an hour. This was not an issue with my previous QOTOM boxes but these new newer versions come with a whole new motherboard that includes 2.5g intel network cards. The one downside to these is they don't come with a serial port. I didn't even realize it until I received them.

In the future, I hope they change the default setting for UEFI video.