DRM, Spore and a quick review

Currently, the two games i am playing are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Spore.  However, right now I am going to talk some about Spore.

Once again, there are plenty of reviews out there for the game.  I don’t know if most of these reviews are biased because it’s a Will Wright game but from my point of view it is extremely boring.  It’s basically a bunch of little games put together.  I am only on stage 2 right now but I think I am just going to quit.  You go around either making friends or eating other species.  The ultimate goal would be to get to the next stage.  It’s just not deep enough for me.  I LOVE Simcity but never liked the Sims.  Got bored with it.

Another problem with Spore is because of their parent company Electronic Arts.  Check out Amazon’s ratings and reviews for the game.  Many negative reviews.  It’s backlash for the bad DRM they have in the game.   DRM is short for digital rights management.  It’s also the reason why legally paying customers get frustrated and the pirates pirate games because they can strip the DRM out.

In this particular case, Spore only allows three installs before it stops working.  So you better hope that a. no computer crashes and b. it installs perfectly the first time.  Once you have reached your three installs you would have to call EA and there is no guarantee they will help you out.

Part two of this fiasco is EA is limiting families to only having one online account.  An online account wll allow you to share your creatures with others.  Lets say Mom and Dad has two kids.  They are looking for a family oriented game instead of all the blood and guts games.  This leads them to Spore which they purchase.  Well, supposedly the manual was even printed wrong.  Kid A can’t have his own online account.  Only one account for the whole family.  Why anger your core demograhic?  It boggles my mind.