Antivirus 360 is NOT an antivirus

I have know experienced Antivirus 360 also known as A360 twice.  The first time was not a hands on experience.  I was told by someone that they had an antivirus program that said they had thousands of viruses.  He brought it to the head IT guy at the local high school.

That person was a complete idiot. He told him he needed a new computer and that the viruses ruined his computer.  What a moron!  So, I never got a chance to help the person because the IT guy kept it for a month and I hadn’t seen him since then.  Hopefully, this IT person loses their job. NE Wisconsin has some very bad teachers.  I’ll leave it at that.

Well, it is actually not that dificult to remove.  I found some excellent instructions on a few websites.  Here is a link to those instructions.  Scroll down to the automated list.  Just follow the simple instructions to download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

1. Run Anti-Malware

2. Reboot

3. Run it again to make sure it’s gone.

It will probably find the VUNDO virus and will be able to remove it.  If for some reason it doesn’t remove it, reboot into safemode and run it again.  There is also a VUNDO removal tool one can download.

That is all there is too it!  You can also post here if you have any questions.