Short Update on what I have been working on

Been working with numerous things lately. I sure wish I had more time to commit to testing and learning. My 2 biggest tasks have been fixing my main site, PCPrime.  I wasn’t happy with my links and that caused a few problems.

The biggest problem I ran into was displaying black links on white background and vice versa depending on the area of the page.  This lead me to CSS Style Sheets.  Yes, I know they have been around for awhile but I never actually had to create one from scratch before.  I know just enough HTML to be dangerous.  Now, I get to add CSS to my repetoire.

To learn CSS I found a simple tuturial in PDF that I printed and read by the pool…twice.  Yep, the first time I went to use my new found knowledge I came up empty.  In fact, for the life of me I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.  I use Dreamweaver and instead of just plain coding.  I’m thinking that had something to do with it.  In any event, earlier this week I finally fixed it.

My second goal was to learn how to use RVSitebuilder.  It is a simple to use program to create websites.  It comes free with many webhosting plans, including my own.  Well, I am getting married in 2 months and we decided to do a website.  I also figured this was a great opportunity for me to learn the program.  The site is  Still not complete but getting there.  Unfortunately, I don’t think a true WYSIWYG editor exists for websites.  I ran into several instances where I deleted code that was already there and when I went to put in my own code, it looked funny.

Well, once the site is complete I plan to shift focus back to web designing.  I can edit websites but creating them from scratch would be nice thing to try.  There is plenty of info on the web to read up on.

Apart from that, I have put my virtualization research on hold as I have learned what I needed to at this time.  There is always more to learn but I needed to shift focus to projects that were more directly related to actual computer work that I have coming in.

Lastly, I will be moving!  I am currently a “southsider” in Austin, TX.  Technically, I will remain a southsider but will be moving to the South Congress (SoCo) area.  Which is much closer to downtown than my current location (Brodie.)