McDonald’s Monopoly website needs some work

I am going to use this space to call out McDonalds. Their website,, has some major issues this year. I think I have only used the site twice out of 8 attempts.  Used 3 different browsers and multiple computers.  What is the problem you may ask?  It’s the frustrating login issues.   I can’t reset my password, I can’t get a reset email.  When I do get a reset email.  It doesn’t reset anything!  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.  I’ve used Chrome, IE and Firefox to no avail.   Now that McDonald’s seems to be out of monopoly pieces around me, I guess I will try again next year.

The pain is reduced knowing that I can get a McRib again but that doesn’t go far enough.  I want a working site!  In fact, bring back the previous site with the Monopoly board that you went around.  I loved that.  I even took a survey explaining these issues.