TDSS strikes again!

Ah yes, TDSS.  Love to hate you.  TDSS is a rootkit.   A rootkit that seems to have at the very least 4 major revisions to it.  Thank heavens for Kapersky.  They have a small little program called TDSKiller.  You use it to get rid of the rootkit.  It is a very small program that they update on a continual basis.  Thank heavens for the constant updates because this last infection wasn’t detected with TDSKiller that was downloaded 2 weeks ago.  A new download allowed me to get the the new variant (V4) removed.

Rootkits are rarely detected by anti-virus programs.  Even my favorite Malwarebytes Anti-malware has not been detecting TDSS.  I’ve used other programs like Appranger and Hitman Pro with  no avail.  I do give Hitman Pro credit for detecting the TDSS rootkit in one of the computers that had it.  It couldn’t remove it but at least I finally had a starting place to research the problem.

So, Kudos to Kapersky!  Thank you so much for the tool.  It is very appreciative.