How to do a mail merge in LibreOffice (Openoffice)

Finally did a mail merge in LibreOffice.  I use to have difficulties and never actually completed a mail merge.  I needed to do make some labels for a mailing list.  Ofcourse, I never would have even used LibreOffice if Google Docs would have offered mail merge.  So how do you do a mail merge?

Here’s a very quick overview on how to do a mail merge if you have a spreadsheet:

  1. You need to create a database with your spreadsheet.  This part sounds bad and I wish they do something different.  All you really need to do is go to File/New/Database.
  2. In the create window just choose the second option – connect to an existing database.  Here is where you are choosing your spreadsheet type.
  3. Point it to your saved spreadsheet by clicking browse.  Very straightforward here.
  4. Save it.
  5. From here you go back to Writer and choose the label template.  From here it is very similar to Word.

Like I mentioned earlier, this needs to be cleaned up.  I understand their reasoning because you can do so many different things with that drop down menu.  However, they should make it simpler for your average user.