Unable to Find Time Capsule Mac and Mybook Live

This was a frustrating experience that I hope others can learn from.  I have a Mac Air and a Mybook Live.  I have the time capsule option turned on to do backups of my Mac.  However, the last 50 days I have not had any backup completed.  It seems that the Mac couldn’t find the time capsule.

This was strange to me because I could navigate to the directory without any issues in Finder.  I spent over an hour reading everything I could about the situation.  Most of my time was spent on either Apple or Western Digital’s (WD) site.  WD being the manufacturers of the mybook live.

I checked for any firmware upgrades, tried an 18 step trick on the WD forums and still nothing.  This unfortunate issue did take a turn for the better when I decided to uncheck the time capsule option in the mybook live’s settings and then reactivate it.  Now, I am performing a new backup.

Losing my previous backups is not good but I can always start anew now.