Received an Email from Ghost Blog Today saying I am in

Updated: I was confused and for a good reason.  Finally logged in and it said they sent the wrong email and that beta testing is over.  Which makes sense but what do I know.  In either event I will eagerly look forward to updates to the self-hosted platform.  That’s what I really am interested in.

I received this from Ghost Blog today:

Hey buecker,

Boom! You’re in. We’re rolling out beta (actually, alpha) access of the new Ghost Hosted Platform to a few select Kickstarter backers, and you’re one of them.

Let’s not beat around the bush about this: We’re calling this alpha for a reason. We don’t know if things might explode (it’s possible) – but we very much hope that following a couple of weeks of rigorous testing, we’ll start to be able to call it beta… then stable.

Most importantly – we need your help for this! The alpha/beta preview is completely free of charge and without restrictions. If you have time, please set up a blog or two and let us know how you get on. If you run into any problems with the hosted platform, drop us a line on [email protected].

Have fun, and try to break stuff!

Looks like the changes haven’t been made yet because it is all grayed out.  I don’t remember being a kickstarter backer either but I am active on the forums.  I also have my ghost blog setup at  I look forward to the day of replacing some of my wordpress installs.