If you use derogatory words you will be Labeled

If you use derogatory words you will be labeled appropriately.  This isn’t a tech post on a very superficial level however this affects everyone on a much higher level.  I want to address this here due to the amount of hits I get.  While I have not had my Christmas ruined I have decided that to take the time to address this behavior.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to play a multiplayer game online only to quit and/or report people using derogatory words.  People shouldn’t be using words demeaning to one’s sexual orientation or skin color.   I don’t want to be associated or even have the company of people like that.  In fact, are they even people?  Think about it for a second.  They are demeaning individuals by claiming that a particular thing that they do is wrong based on a characteristic they can’t control.  Is there some type of test one could take to determine if they have the brain capacity to comprehend simple situations.  For example, can these “individuals” even eat from a plate of food while using an eating utensil?  Do they even know what the word “utensil” means?

I wish there more sites and especially the ones that get millions of hits that start to stand up for people’s rights and address this lack of respect.  Some games I have played have addressed these issues (DOTA2) while others have not.  One can see these trolls in comments all over the internet.   Youtube switching over to Google+ comments was partially to address these types of trolls.  I’d much prefer these companies take a vocal and active stand instead of a passive stand.