Zepto Ransomware is a Variant of Locky

Locky Ransomware

Zepto Ransomware appears to be a new variant of Locky.  Had a client hit with it last night and it was very hard to find any information about this.  There appears to be a thread here and there but that is it.  Can’t detect the thing easily.  At first I ran malwarebytes and came up with nothing.  I found a google search hit that said to use spyhunter 4.  Right now that is the only program I have found to detect it.

When you go to the TOR sight it lists it says it costs 2 bitcoin for the ransom.  That is over $1200 as of 6/29.  That’s crazy.

I am going to try a few different programs to see it can detect.  Don’t want to purchase spyhunter right now.

  • Malwarebytes has not detected it
  • ADw cleaner has not detected it
  • Spyhunter 4 HAS detected it
  • ESET Online Scanner has not detected it
  • Kaspersky Internet Security has not detected zepto