Mapping NFS Drive on Windows 2008R2

I have had some trouble mapping an NFS Drive on Windows 2008R2.  It appears my issues relate to simple syntax.  I was using Amazon Workspaces and that runs on Windows 2008R2 Datacenter.  My NFS drive is running on on EC2 in Ubuntu on the same VPC.  I chose NFS over Samba hoping that it will make file transfers a bit quicker.

The command I used to map was \\localip\shared-folder E:

Where E: is the drive letter.  This is how it would look: mount \\\shared Z:

The other stumbling block I had was not seeing the drive in Windows Explorer.  By not seeing the drive in there I had a program that also couldn’t see the drive.  The answer to this situation was to run the mount command with a regular command prompt and not an elevated command prompt.

Live and Learn.

Unable to Resolve Host ip-10-0-0-58

Unable to resolve host ip-10-0-0-58 or any other number after the “ip” is a common error that I receive every single time I am trying to run as root in a spun up EC2 instance.  There is a simple solution but I have to look it up everytime.  When that happens I just put it here so I don’t actually have to search for it.

All you have to do is edit your hosts file.

  1. Type in “sudo nano /etc/hosts” or use whatever program you prefer like vi instead of nano.
  2. On the line below localhost enter in this info: ip-10-0-0-58
  3. Use whichever number that corresponds to your instance.  This particular instance ends in 58 but your instance could end with any other number.
  4. save it and your done!