Blog Comments are Shifting

Over the past the year I have noticed that many sites have started to change how they manage their blog comments.  Some have changed more than twice in the past year.  I think I changed from the built-in wordpress comments to Disqus over 2 years ago but I may be wrong.

With the Google+ commenting system maturing and with more people gaining experience with it, for better or worse it seems, I am considering moving away from Disqus to Google+.

This isn’t to say that Disqus sucks or is bad or any of that sort of thing.  I was just interested in moving to a different system.  My biggest concern is losing all the current comments.  I will have to research to see if that stuff is saved.

I would also like to mention how much I hate facebook and refuse to use their facebook login when it is offered on the site.  Facebook isn’t the only ones ofcourse but is it fair that these companies get to track our moves and we don’t get compensated for it? It’s like the credit ratings companies.  They get to create profiles for every individual and can literally make or break your life and while it is “your data” you have no say on what they do with it or how they sell it.  Same goes for facebook.  At least with google I use several of their services for free with ads unlike facebook.

Another company out there that I have seen more and more customers use is Livefyre.  Their comment system isn’t too bad either.  No matter what I would like to maintain control over my own content.