The joys of working with Internet Explorer

2 hours spent on a problem yesterday.  Client couldn’t get certain boxes to appear, downloads sometimes  didn’t work and Gmail would only load the slow html way.  I immediately thought it was a java problem.  While I don’t have the problem completely fixed I am still convinced it is a java/javascript problem.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the new version of Java several times I was able to get Firefox installed.  It was weird that I couldn’t even do that.  Unfortunately, I still can’t get stuff to work in IE.  When going to certain download pages such as the Java page on Sun’s website or even the Microsoft Update page, the pages were all blank.

Much searching on the internet only brought up a few hints and clues as to whether I was heading in the right direction or not.

My last step to hopefully get internet explorer working is to uninstall and reinstall it.  This is NOT simple since version 7.0.  It is so intertwined that I am not sure I can just uninstall it without breaking something else.  I ran into this problem with the removal of a virus in the past.  I couldn’t find any definitive answers online and we decided to not take the chance.  i will make a post in a forum to see if anyone really knows or not.  Reinstalling IE over the top doesn’t always work.

While Firefox does have its faults (I have a proble with minefield reinstalling everyday) it is by far and away a more efficient and bug free browser.