Cut and Paste in a Windows Environment

There are several ways to cut and paste items in Windows.  My favorite way and personally, probably the fastest for me, is to use the Ctrl-C to cut and Ctrl-V to paste.

Being in a business environment for many years I am still suprised at the amount of people that still prefer to use the menu commands under “Edit”.  I find that I usually have the left hand sitting on the keyboard so it makes it easy for me to reach to the Control key.

Here is a list of the many ways to Cut and Paste in Windows:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl-C to cut and Ctrl-V to paste
  2. Menu Commands – Click on Edit on the menu bar which is usually at the top of the screen (file, edit, view, etc.) and then choose Cut followed by Paste
  3. Use the cut and paste buttons in Microsoft Office.  They are usually a default for the toolbars.  They are pictures of a scissors and a clipboard.
  4. Right-Click with the mouse and choose the cut and paste options

These are just some simple suggestions.