iPad May Be Simple to Use but it is Not simple to use with iTunes

ipadThe iPad my be simple to Use but it is not simple to use iTunes.  What I mean by this is I needed to add movies to my wife’ s iPad for her travels.  If it was an android tablet I would connect it to the computer with USB and drag and drop the movies onto the tablet.  Can I do this with an iPad.  NOOOOOOOOO.  This was the 2nd time I put movies on.  The first time was a pain and the second time was also a pain.  Lets add on to the complexity.  First, the ipad was originally synced with her work computer that bit the dust.  Second, the iPad was looking for the old computer to sync wirelessly but it was setup to backup to the iCloud(a disgrace to cloud services).  Third, the tablet would pop-up with a trust notification in iOS7 but would not show up in iTunes.  The Windows Device Manager said it was an “Apple iPad” but now I know that is a misnomer.  I needed it to show up as a USB device.  I updated the drivers by pointing it to the Apple files in the common folder.  That fixed that up.  Now since the iPad was originally setup with another computer I can’t just copy the movies over.   I have to erase and then restore the iPad.  Songs did not all match up with what was on the iPad or in iTunes so I hope everything is still there.  I think I spent 1.5 hours trying to put movies on it.