A Quick and Simple Networking Suggestion

This is one of those easy tips for people to remember.  I currently run PCPrime on evenings and weekends and still maintain my day job as an underwriter for SBA loans.  Well, this afternoon I decided to try and fix our printer/copier.  It’s a copier with a networking card.  The networking portion hasn’t worked for sometime.

I was told that our outsourced IT didn’t know what was wrong and that the copier repair person stated that it just needed to be replaced.

The first thing I did was look at the copier to see if there was an external module or if the network cord just plugged directly into the machines.  It turns out it plugs directly into the machine.  I followed the cord to make sure the cord was plugged in. (we’ll come back to this)

I found the drivers on the internet and proceeded to download them and install them.  Most printers have drivers issues due to the wrong ones being installed.  This is actually the case in this situation however, this problem wasn’t cause we are using the wrong drivers.

I couldn’t find the printer via the network even though I had the IP address.  After unsuccessfully finding the printer via the IP address I decided to check the network cable.  This is what I should have just checked in the first place.  I replaced the cable with a spare one I found lying around and viola!  Works like a charm.

The simplest answer is usually the correct answer.