How to install Guest Additions in Ubuntu 14.04 Server for VirtualBox


This is a very short blurb on how to install guest additions in ubuntu 14.04 server for Virtualbox.  This is very simple to do yet I never remember.  I also use Virtualbox a lot but that doesn’t seem to help me remember.  Very simply, if you are using Ubuntu server this is the command to enter in terminal:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms 

Why is it so hard for Microsoft to tell me what licenses I need in order to use Azure?

Why is it so hard for Microsoft to tell me what licenses I need in order to use Azure?  I’ve been looking for an this answer for 2 hours online and I can’t seem to get a black and white answer.  I called Microsoft but they said I called the on-premise licensing department and then they transferred me to Azure.  From there the lady said everyone was on the phone and she would send me an email to “get the dialog started.”

This is what I want to know:  I want to have 5 simultaneous remote desktop sessions on windows azure.  Each session requires the use of Office (word and excel).  What licenses do I need?

Is this really that difficult?  I don’t even understand this software assurance stuff.  Not only that I see a varying degree of costs for what looks like the exact same licenses.

What I really think is that Microsoft likes to keep things complicated in order for companies to buy licensing that they really don’t need.  I’m not saying they are the only ones who do this but why complicate matters?  The perfect example is Microsoft Office.  “Microsoft Office is not licensed to work in a virtual machine.”  Got that?  I hope so because one needs to use volume licensing to use Microsoft office in a virtual machine or something like that.   Again, I think this is crazy.


Updated on 8/25  I got my email response back about licensing!  Want to hear how clear it is?


Every Azure VM created will come with two simultaneous session access. If you need more, you will have to purchase an RDSH license from a Microsoft reseller. Any application you use on the VM, the appropriate license should be obtained.

I am so happy that I STILL don’t have an answer!!!!