AVG Updating Issues

AVG is the antivirus that I recommend to everyone.  Ever since Norton Antivirus hosed three of my computers all in the same day I have refused to use them at home.  AVG rarely has given me problems.  Once, I couldn’t install it on my main machine which was running Windows Vista 32 bit.  I ended up installing Vista 64 bit a few months later and then it did work.

I helped a friend a few days ago with an updating problem he was having.  It kept saying the database was out of date.  I had him bring me his laptop and I took a look.  I said the date was wrong on his clock.  It was set for 1 month into the future.  Well, AVG releases a weekly database update so it thought it’s current database was old.  A restart of the computer and everything was back to normal.  It just goes back to the starting with the easy things first when troubleshooting.