Football Games

Happy Saturday!  It is week 2 of college football for those that follow that.  Unfortunately my team, (UW Badgers) isn’t shown in Big 12 Country.

With that in mind, lets take a brief look at some of the football games that have come out over the years.  Granted, many are console only but a gamepad is much easier to use for sports games than a keyboard/mouse combo.

  1. Super Tecmo Bowl
  2. Madden Series
  3. NFL2k Series
  4. NCAA Football Series

There are others like  John Elway’s Quarterback and a Joe Montana game but those listed above are the big four.  Personally, I spent more time with the NCAA series than the other 3.  I don’t think anyone can dispute that Super Tecmo Bowl is a classic.  I didn’t grow up with a Nintendo so the first time I got to play the game was in 1995, my first year of dorm life.  The graphics were obviously dated but it was just a fun game to play.

NFL2k was produced by Sega and first debuted on the Dreamcast system.  Many people considered it superior to Madden.  Personally, I don’t think there was any comparison.  NFL2k had the best graphics and best gameplay.  EA Sports shined with their NCAA football franchise.  Initially, NCAA football was running off the same engine as Madden but over the years they have evovled into different games.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent playing NCAA Football but I can assure you I really enjoyed myself. 🙂

There are hundreds of articles out there on video games so I just wanted to keep this short and very little depth at this time.  Now, back to some real work.