SD Card is Not a Fan of Power Fluctuations

Almost lost my sd card in my Raspberry PI. I assume it became corrupt from the latest power outage but I am not sure. I was able to log into it today and when I went to reboot it never came back up. I hooked up a monitor where it then told me there was some corruption.

I had a hard time from there. My sd card reader seems to be shot. I ordered a new one while brainstorming what to do. I thought I had a cloned sd card but that did not have the right OS on it. Eventually I remembered that I have a sd card reader in my NUC. That was perfect as that runs Ubuntu. I ran FSCK using that and voila I am back in business!

Its probably time for me to swap out the sd card anyways but it is the biggest gripe I have. I know there are work arounds but I wanted to keep this particular PI stock and run it off my POE switch.

Republicans Keep Taking Credit for Bills They Voted Against

I wanted to bring more visibility to this ridiculousness. This article on Techdirt isn’t very long. In fact, it’s not a new phenomenon because it’s been happening for a while. However, it is maddening that this is even allowed. Republicans from across state and federal government keep taking credit for sending money to their constituents. This is a good thing but it becomes a bad thing when they voted against these very same bills. It’s awful and most likely a lot of people don’t even realize it. Hopefully, the word spreads a little more with posts like these.

Senators ‘Shocked’ To Learn TikTok Does Things Only Made Possible By Their Corrupt Failure To Pass A Real Privacy Law

I am hoping to help draw attention to this excellent article about the failure of government to protect our privacy. I saw this article on Techdirt this morning. It’s actually written by the same person that would write articles for dslreports aka

Basically, the problem lies in the US’s lack of privacy rules. Instead of banning tiktok they need to pass privacy rules that make it illegal for tiktok to use their customer’s data in nefarious ways. So many other companies are buying and selling your data and manipulating their users that it is literally affecting the entire country. It seems the government has already forgotten one of the most famous privacy incidents ever with Cambridge Analytica.

It’s a good read and I hope it gains some traction.

Bulkvs Settings for FusionPBX

I wanted to screenshot these settings and share them for the next time I have to do this. Ofcourse, it was super easy to register after I got rid of the special characters in the password.

Here you will see that it is a standard gateway. The username and password are created in BulkVS under Interconnection -> Trunk Group Manage. The FROM USER field is the same as the username. Proxy will be Lastly, I might have it wrong but the retry seconds should be dropped to under 30. Step 2 on the Bulkvs website says this:

Step 2: Configure your system with the BulkVS SIP Registration credentials from step 1. Your system should register with the BulkVS SBCs every 25 seconds or less

FusionPBX does not like Special Characters in Passwords

FusionPBX does not like special characters in passwords and I wasted far too much time finding that out the hard way. To be fair I should have installed Wireshark and ran a capture but I wanted to be lazy.

Over the past two days I had been trying to register a Bulkvs trunk. I kept getting this message in the logs: Failed Registration with status Operation has no matching challenge [904]

Using Gemini or just regular google and searching for Freeswitch and fusionpbx led me to much of the same stuff and nothing was helpful. Eventually, I did find the answer in the fusionpbx forums.

WIth that out of the way I definitely will be taking screenshots on how to setup a Bulkvs SIP trunk. It wasn’t anything special after I fixed the password.

Google’s New Gemini is Quite Poor

I only use generative AI a few times a week. Whether it is Bard or ChatGPT depends on what I currently have open. Recently Google has released Gemini and is in the process of rolling it out as Bard’s replacement.

I am very disappointed in it. I have only done a few searches and two of them it has come back and refused to help me. One was to generate a photo and the other was how to catch a rooster. Not only that but their new gemini app is region locked and will not work on my phone. However, I can go to the site and that works. By works, I mean it generates answers even though they are a total waste of electricity and my time.

Gemini wouldn’t allow me to generate a photo of pennywise in a hammock. I tried a few ways but it said it couldn’t. when I changed it to a clown the generated photos were terrible. For the rooster question it refused on all grounds that it was inhumane. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I could keep going on but I would like to enjoy my Saturday.

The bottom line is to tell Google to go back to the drawing board and continue to use ChatGPT.

Lenovo Duet 5 Stuck on 105

My Lenovo Duet 5 has been stuck on Chrome OS version 105 for close to a year. I did not even realize it because I know there was a boot loop issue that some people where having. However, it turns out that my version is much older than that. I found out when I went to the Chase Bank website and it said my device was no longer supported.

I tried a few things first. This included a factory reset and trying things like beta but nothing ever changed. It always said there was no new updates.

The day before going on holiday I wiped and reinstalled hoping that would fix it. All I did was make my life harder. I rely on a few play apps like Splashtop. Well, the play store wasn’t updating. It took a few reboots and then it started to work. Later, I would get random freezes with just a few tabs opened. I wasn’t doing anything to have it use up all the memory. The worst though was my wireguard connections. I have several setup for my managed routers. I forgot that part when I wiped and didn’t have backups. Needless to say I know have several routers that will be a challenge to access to setup the VPN again.

Just got back and decided I would try to install a new version using a recovery drive. This device only has USB-C and no USB-A drives. I knew I had one usb-c flash drive somewhere but I never found it! Thankfully I remembered that my windows computer came with a usb-c adapter. I plugged thee USB-A into that and then downloaded and installed the correct chromeos onto it.

The restore went great and now I am on version 120.x. Play store apps updated and downloaded correctly and it looks much nicer. I have more to add back but this is a great start.

I do not know if I learned any lesson from this but I am still happy having my Duet 5. I plan to continue to travel with it. It has a beautiful screen and if something does happen to it I am out a few hundred dollars but my data will be secure.

Unable to Preview files in Thunderbird

I had a call today from a client who was having difficulty previewing files in Thunderbird. When he clicked on the PDF it would open a blank screen in Thunderbird. If I changed the default to Firefox it just would not open. I also tried to delete the line in settings, which did not help. I also re-downloaded Firefox and installed a fresh copy. Still no luck!

What I learned today was that you can run a repair just on the specific folder that is having issues. In this case, it was the inbox. Right-clicking on the inbox and running a repair fixed the issue. After all these years I cannot believe that I did not know about this repair option.

Raspberry Pi 4 has been Performing Well

Ever since I replaced the memory card I think my Pi has been performing well. I did have to add a small USB fan to blow air on it. The internal temp was at 71C. It’s hot at this time of the year. My desktop has not even turned on for 2 months now. It is just too much heat and humidity for the poor thing—one of the tradeoffs for living in the Caribbean.

I have been going back on forth on whether I should migrate some sites to the Pi as is or if I should turn it into a multi-site WordPress and save the resources. I was dead set on multi-site WordPress but then thinking of how I would have to migrate it at some point I wasn’t sure I wanted things to get all mixed up. I’m not a fan of WordPress, yet I have several WordPress sites that I need to support.

WordPress Permissions

I use this post all the time and figured I should make another copy of it so that I can find it faster.

Use these commands to fix your permissions on your WordPress site.

chown www-data:www-data  -R * # Let Apache be owner
find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;  # Change directory permissions rwxr-xr-x
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;  # Change file permissions rw-r--r--