Google’s New Gemini is Quite Poor

I only use generative AI a few times a week. Whether it is Bard or ChatGPT depends on what I currently have open. Recently Google has released Gemini and is in the process of rolling it out as Bard’s replacement.

I am very disappointed in it. I have only done a few searches and two of them it has come back and refused to help me. One was to generate a photo and the other was how to catch a rooster. Not only that but their new gemini app is region locked and will not work on my phone. However, I can go to the site and that works. By works, I mean it generates answers even though they are a total waste of electricity and my time.

Gemini wouldn’t allow me to generate a photo of pennywise in a hammock. I tried a few ways but it said it couldn’t. when I changed it to a clown the generated photos were terrible. For the rooster question it refused on all grounds that it was inhumane. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I could keep going on but I would like to enjoy my Saturday.

The bottom line is to tell Google to go back to the drawing board and continue to use ChatGPT.