Walk My Plank – A web based game

I should have written about this months ago.  Well I guess I will just do a quick rundown.  It is a web based game that doesn’t require any downloads and is FREE to play.  The basic premise of it is to increase in levels by attacking other pirates and NPCs which are Brittish and Spanish ships.  The higher your level the more stats you accumulate which makes you stronger.  There are a few other aspects to the game.

  • Fishing – You can go fishing and have to figure out the proper bait, rod and hook to use to catch certain kinds of fish.

Exploring – There are ‘ports’ you explore.  this is how you find dubloons (along with gold is the currency of the game) and other ships to fight.

It is a free game like I had mentioned but there is also a pay aspect to it.  Spending real cash can get you many different types of things whether it is treasure chests to hold your loot or special days that give you faster regeneration and such.

I should go more in depth but hopefully this has perked your interest to check it out.