My initial reactions:

  1. What was i thinking when I bought a game without trying a demo first?
  2. My x1950 Pro was never a speed demon but I can barely play it on low levels?
  3. ATI drivers are still a pain to upgrade.
  4. So MUCH potential and yet such poor results.
  5. Updated ATI drivers makes things MUCH worse?!

Do I really regret buying it?  Not really.  The multiplayer was cool and its a good story line.  However, I updated my drivers and now it’s virtually unplayable and I dont’ want to upgrade my video card until next year.

Besides the obvious launch problems there is still a few things that should be changed.  The first item and the most annoying thing is console companies not changing their menus to be PC friendly.  They are still console menu based!  UT4 I never bought for this simple purpose.  Actually, there were many people who didn’t buy it because of that.

Secondly, when accessing multiplayer you have to go into the single player version, pull out your phone and THEN you can access multiplayer.  This makes zero sense to me.  It actually took me about 15 minutes of searching to figure out how to get into tthe mulitplayer portion.  One other gripe about mulitplayer.  I am against the many different version of multiplayer.  I believe it fragments the market for that game and makes it difficult to create a core user base.  Once you have that core user base you can introduce mods or different gameplay types.  Right now, I’m afraid the multiplayer will die a quick death.

GTA IV box art
GTA IV box art