WordPress Error when uploading a file

I use wordpress for my PCPrime blog. Since I changed over to my own hosting a few months back I have had some small issues. One, my buttons are blank when I am creating a post. The links still work but the icons are gone. Not the end of the world. The 2nd problem I had was with uploading media so I could have some pictures available. That bugged me enough to look for an answer.

This saturday morning I tried to no avail to find an answer. I now realize the error of my ways. I had use the wrong keywords when searching google. Usually when someone can’t upload it means the file permissions are set incorrectly. This is what I spent all my time on. In fact, my problem was easier to fix than that. My upload folder was “/wp_content/uploads” when it should have been wp_content/uploads”.

See the difference? A leading slash that didn’t belong. That is all that it was. Now with this problem fixed I can go back to adding pictures the easy way. I had a blog post ready to go but forget to save it on Saturday.