Review of Google Voice on my Blackberry

Google Voice

First off, Google Voice is suppose to integrate fully with an Android phone.  Makes sense because it it’s Google’s operating system. I would hope so because I am so far disappointed in Google Voice on my blackberry.  I have an 8310 Curve with AT&T.

Google Voice is a separate application that has very limited appeal.  After the OTA download it is pretty straightforward.  You login in to your google account which then brings up two tabs.  Dialer and Inbox.  The dialer is a call log of all the people that have called you on your Google

Voice number.  Much the same way as the Inbox.  Well, I haven’t really found much of a use for the inbox for text messages.  The built-in messaging of the blackberry is far more intuitive then the listings in Google Voice.

In fact, I usually forget I even have the application on my phone.  I really like the whole aspect

of text conversations being saved on the internet and my favorite being all my phones ring (skype and my cell).  There are just too many bugs to be worked out.

First, I am happy that it displays the person’s name in Google Voice but when I check my regular messages a name doesn’t appear and area code 406 number shows. It can be confusing.

Overall, I’m very disappointed and hope they can add some more functionality. i want to see it incorporate it into the blackberry instead of being an app that runs on top the OS.