Auto backup Google on my Android Keeps Failing

Google’s auto backup for photos is not working for me.  I’m not sure what to do about this.  I’ve found several suggestions no the internet and none have worked for me.

  • Clear the Google+ cache
  • reboot the phone
  • delete the picture(s) that are causing it to get stuck

I have deleted 3 photos “from everywhere” and it shows only one that hasn’t been uploaded now.  Yet, it still says “backing up..9 left”.

When I look into my account I don’t see anything uploaded.  I’m unsure of what to try next.



10-1-14 Update Since I posted this I had not encountered anymore problems until this weekend.  While I have changed operating systems to cyanogenmod it was working with cyanogen just fine last week.  I’m back to it not backing up my photos.  This is one of things were I wish I wasn’t locked into google.

Google Play Books Gives me a 404 Error

I was looking at some books today on In fact, it’s the first time I have ever looked for any books on there as I always use the Kindle app. There were some great deals on a few books that I haven’t read yet.

google-playFirst,  I was doing this on my computer and I got a message saying I couldn’t purchase any books in my country.  I live in the US Virgin Islands but I have seen some weird things before such as Spotify not working.

Second, I had to download the Books app.  Not a problem.  Everything went smoothly.  In fact, this was my second time installing it.  I had it on my tablet before but I uninstalled it because I wasn’t using it.

Third, this is where it all falls apart.  I can’t even see any book samples!  No matter if I choose a free book or a sample I get the same 404 error.

I’ve had Play issues in the past when it came to my credit card information and my address.  That was over 1.5 years ago.  I have no reason to believe why I am having these issues.  Even if purchasing some books were not allowed for some odd reason it shouldn’t matter for free books.  Plus, it should tell me this instead of throwing up a 404 error.

To make matters worse I tried it on my computer and I get the very same 404 error.  I guess I won’t be taking advantage of any of their sales.

Google Voice charging me for calling USVI on my Sprint phone

Google Voice always charged 2 cents when calling USVI phone numbers (340) when using the application on the computer. However, I never had a problem with calling 340 with my phone! Today, I get a recording saying the phone call will cost 2 cents a minute. Now, since I live down here that makes it much more difficult. It’s also more difficult since I print that number on all my business stuff! I tried to remove it with Sprint Support and was unsuccessful. I will be weighing my options more this afternoon


update 4/4/2013

Apparently Sprint and Google decided to fix the issue.  It is working as it should again.  No extra fees for texting or calling USVI numbers.

Can’t play videos with Chrome on Mac OSX

I have had this problem for awhile. From youtube to ESPN to my cheesy games on Google+. Flash has issues on Chrome but it works on Safari.

Chrome bakes Flash right into the browser so it isn’t a separate install. The problem seems to be caused from having two different versions of flash. If you type in your omnibox (address bar) chrome://plugins/ and hit enter, it will bring up the list of plugins for your browser.

You should see two flash files listed.  One seems to be in the Chrome program itself and another one seems to be a native one?  You can also see from the application below that I have disabled the built in one in Chrome.  Unfortunately it seems like I am changing these settings every few days for certain sites.  It isn’t a 100% fix but it will get you to see videos and play Google+ games without opening up Safari which seems so slow to me.

Screen Shot showing flash files in Chrome.

Hopefully by disabling one of the two flash files you can start using flash again on your Mac. I have had this issue with several versions of Chrome so I don’t know when this little annoying bug will be fixed.  Here is my current Chrome version: Version 21.0.1180.89

Alternatives to igoogle

Igoogle goes away starting November 13 of next year.  The reasons given by google could be considered weak.  I know many people who use igoogle.  I use it on my gmail and google apps account everyday.  I even got my parents hooked on it – which is tough to do.

It pains me to say this but I think Google is making a big mistake here.  I’ve posted on Google Plus asking for suggestions.  I have read other sites such as Slashdot.  Even google searches have found some options.

It seems the answer is Netvibes.  However, I am not sold on that one.  Am I missing something here?  Google says igoogle has outlived it’s purpose.  Tell me why I can’t have a dashboard like igoogle.  Currently, I have widgets showing my email, a few RSS feeds, weather, some nice pictures, google reader, chat, Latitude and google finance.

Here is google’s suggestions:

I really like iGoogle — are there any other alternatives?
On your mobile device, Google Play offers applications ranging from games to news readers tohome screen widgets.

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, the Chrome Web Store provides a similar range of options likeproductivity tools and applications to check the weather. In addition, just like iGoogle, you canpersonalize Chrome with a theme.

 Did I miss something here?  Google Play is not for the computer.  Home screen widgets?  Again, not for a computer.  The section then proceeds to ask if we are a fan of Google Chrome.  I am!  I use it all the time from my Windows and Linux desktops to my chromebook to my Mac.  The article says to use the Chrome web store to download applications such as check the weather.
When I open a new tab in chrome and if I have the apps setting on the bottom chosen, I see a list of my Chrome apps as icons going across my browser.  Google, could you tell me how I am suppose to read the weather on the apps page?  How about my email? Calendar maybe?  My eyesight isn’t the greatest so I did try to squint real hard.  Guess what, nothing happened.
Someone suggested igoogle is being deprecated due to the fact that google couldn’t monetize it properly.  As of right now that seems to be the only logical explanation.  I don’t have the money to go out and get a group of programmers to try and recreate the igoogle experience.  I have over a year to figure this out but I am going to try and figure this out sooner rather than later.

I am now a “favorite place” in Google! Got a QR Sticker

Yes, that is right, I received a letter and a sticker with a QR code for PCPrime!

It suprised me. That’s for sure. I found this article here that says 100,000 businesses chosen.   Never thought I had any chance of getting that.  PCPrime is quite small at this time.

So I tried to find a barcode reader for it.  Not having much luck for my BlackBerry 9700.  The built in QR Code reader in the blackberry messenger is the best but still doesn’t do Google Favorite Places QR Codes properly.  Still, without a storefront we decided to put in on the fridge.  Just another step in the right direction.

Google Apps for your Business

Google Docs was introduced by Google a few years ago.  At that time (like everything else google does) I signed up for Google Docs.  While primitive compared to Microsoft Office, it served its purpose really well for me.  The sharing capabilities with individuals over the internet.   It’s downsides were definitely numerous.  No offline mode, limited abilities with charts,graphics, etc.  Thankfully these shortcomings continue to improve.

While I still give first place to Microsoft Office, I feel that competitors like google docs and open office (which is what I also use) are just as good for most people.  Unless you are doing some intensive calculations competitors to Excel work just fine.  Why spend hundreds of dollars when the products are free?

Now, Google Apps is both pay and free for businesses.  In fact, it’s quite difficult to find the free version now but it is still there.

What do I use Google Apps the most for?  Actually, the sharing capabilities are still huge to me.  I just added gmail for my business as well.  It was a painless process but now [email protected] actually flows through google.


  • You get the same server storage space as your personal gmail account (7 gigs and growing)
  • Access anywhere with an internet connection
  • IMAP capabilities for syncing
  • SPAM filtering is great
  • You still get to use your business URL (
  • You can even setup BES to work with Google Apps.

The pay version offers a bunch of things like the BES portion, more space and a few other items.  It costs $50 per person per year.  Compared to an exchange server that runs you thousands, it is definitely worth it.

So what does exchange offer that Google Apps doesn’t?  Well, from what I have been researching, it would be the flagging of messages for followup with specific times.  Now, this IS possible in the gmail screen but it is not available through Outlook if you are checking your gmail account through it.  Everything else syncs from your calendar to your contacts.

In fact, I sync all three, outlook, google apps and my blackberry. (I’m on BIS)

It’s free and it’s efficient so try out Google Apps!

Review of Google Voice on my Blackberry

Google Voice

First off, Google Voice is suppose to integrate fully with an Android phone.  Makes sense because it it’s Google’s operating system. I would hope so because I am so far disappointed in Google Voice on my blackberry.  I have an 8310 Curve with AT&T.

Google Voice is a separate application that has very limited appeal.  After the OTA download it is pretty straightforward.  You login in to your google account which then brings up two tabs.  Dialer and Inbox.  The dialer is a call log of all the people that have called you on your Google

Voice number.  Much the same way as the Inbox.  Well, I haven’t really found much of a use for the inbox for text messages.  The built-in messaging of the blackberry is far more intuitive then the listings in Google Voice.

In fact, I usually forget I even have the application on my phone.  I really like the whole aspect

of text conversations being saved on the internet and my favorite being all my phones ring (skype and my cell).  There are just too many bugs to be worked out.

First, I am happy that it displays the person’s name in Google Voice but when I check my regular messages a name doesn’t appear and area code 406 number shows. It can be confusing.

Overall, I’m very disappointed and hope they can add some more functionality. i want to see it incorporate it into the blackberry instead of being an app that runs on top the OS.