Can’t play videos with Chrome on Mac OSX

I have had this problem for awhile. From youtube to ESPN to my cheesy games on Google+. Flash has issues on Chrome but it works on Safari.

Chrome bakes Flash right into the browser so it isn’t a separate install. The problem seems to be caused from having two different versions of flash. If you type in your omnibox (address bar) chrome://plugins/ and hit enter, it will bring up the list of plugins for your browser.

You should see two flash files listed.  One seems to be in the Chrome program itself and another one seems to be a native one?  You can also see from the application below that I have disabled the built in one in Chrome.  Unfortunately it seems like I am changing these settings every few days for certain sites.  It isn’t a 100% fix but it will get you to see videos and play Google+ games without opening up Safari which seems so slow to me.

Screen Shot showing flash files in Chrome.

Hopefully by disabling one of the two flash files you can start using flash again on your Mac. I have had this issue with several versions of Chrome so I don’t know when this little annoying bug will be fixed.  Here is my current Chrome version: Version 21.0.1180.89