Alternatives to igoogle

Igoogle goes away starting November 13 of next year.  The reasons given by google could be considered weak.  I know many people who use igoogle.  I use it on my gmail and google apps account everyday.  I even got my parents hooked on it – which is tough to do.

It pains me to say this but I think Google is making a big mistake here.  I’ve posted on Google Plus asking for suggestions.  I have read other sites such as Slashdot.  Even google searches have found some options.

It seems the answer is Netvibes.  However, I am not sold on that one.  Am I missing something here?  Google says igoogle has outlived it’s purpose.  Tell me why I can’t have a dashboard like igoogle.  Currently, I have widgets showing my email, a few RSS feeds, weather, some nice pictures, google reader, chat, Latitude and google finance.

Here is google’s suggestions:

I really like iGoogle — are there any other alternatives?
On your mobile device, Google Play offers applications ranging from games to news readers tohome screen widgets.

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, the Chrome Web Store provides a similar range of options likeproductivity tools and applications to check the weather. In addition, just like iGoogle, you canpersonalize Chrome with a theme.

 Did I miss something here?  Google Play is not for the computer.  Home screen widgets?  Again, not for a computer.  The section then proceeds to ask if we are a fan of Google Chrome.  I am!  I use it all the time from my Windows and Linux desktops to my chromebook to my Mac.  The article says to use the Chrome web store to download applications such as check the weather.
When I open a new tab in chrome and if I have the apps setting on the bottom chosen, I see a list of my Chrome apps as icons going across my browser.  Google, could you tell me how I am suppose to read the weather on the apps page?  How about my email? Calendar maybe?  My eyesight isn’t the greatest so I did try to squint real hard.  Guess what, nothing happened.
Someone suggested igoogle is being deprecated due to the fact that google couldn’t monetize it properly.  As of right now that seems to be the only logical explanation.  I don’t have the money to go out and get a group of programmers to try and recreate the igoogle experience.  I have over a year to figure this out but I am going to try and figure this out sooner rather than later.