Android on a Tablet is much improved

CyanogenmodI will admit that I’ve been behind the curve on tablets.  I didn’t purchase my first tablet until the HP Touchpad fire sale.  It was a shame that HP gave up so quickly  on webOS.  There are a lot of good features about it.  I was extremely happy with Touchpad.  I used it for reading PDFs and ebooks and just loved this one game on it, Robotech.

A few months back a friend of mine told me she had put Android on her tablet and now she could watch Netflix and use a wide variety of apps on it.  She  was using pre-Honeycomb so either 2.3 or 2.4 on it.  At the time I told her I was happy with what I could use the Touchpad for and didn’t need Android on it.

As usual, I got the urge about 2 months ago to put Android on it.  First, CyanogenMod was getting Android 4.0 stable on the Touchpad.  Second, I really needed a better Adobe Reader.  You see, I use Adobe Reader a lot for service manuals for all types of printers.  I was was interested in using Adobe’s new features of adding a signature right on a mobile device.  Due to my travels, I rarely have access to a free printer to print off my work orders and signature forms.

It took me up to 2 weeks ago to finally get it installed.  From desktop issues (failing hard drive) to the huge amounts of traveling, I just didn’t have the time.  Now, I can officially say that I am using an Android 4.0 tablet courtesy of CyanogenMod.

After these 2 weeks of usage I can say that I am quite happy with using Android on a tablet.  Initially, I was much more impressed with the Ipads than with the stuff HTC and others were selling.  It had a lot to do with the software.  Now with 4.0 and recently 4.1 being released I think Android can get to a better playing field with Apple barring anymore patent lawsuits.

Google recently released their very own tablet and for a great starting price of $200.  I’m certainly peculiar about my electronics.  One of those being the size of the tablets.  I think 7 inches is just too small.  Millions obviously disagree with me.  That’s fine but I will be sticking with my modified Touchpad for quite some time.  I’ve found more use, that would be mostly more media consumption, for my tablet with this upgrade and am excited to see what is in store in the future.