Google Voice charging me for calling USVI on my Sprint phone

Google Voice always charged 2 cents when calling USVI phone numbers (340) when using the application on the computer. However, I never had a problem with calling 340 with my phone! Today, I get a recording saying the phone call will cost 2 cents a minute. Now, since I live down here that makes it much more difficult. It’s also more difficult since I print that number on all my business stuff! I tried to remove it with Sprint Support and was unsuccessful. I will be weighing my options more this afternoon


update 4/4/2013

Apparently Sprint and Google decided to fix the issue.  It is working as it should again.  No extra fees for texting or calling USVI numbers.

Sprint has great reception and data speeds in Downtown Chicago

I’m pretty tough on Sprint. Almost everywhere I travel I barely have reception and little to no data. Being in the Virgin Islands compounds the issue because I have no fallback for the data piece. I even have an airave but every other call I get is just garbage. Can’t hear a thing.

Well, instead of going to Tulsa, OK or the suburbs of Chicago, I am on Michigan Avenue this past weekend and have gone as far north as Gold Coast area. I’ve had 4G WiMax this entire time and my 3G speeds have been great. For the first time ever I came really close to going over my allotted 5 gigs for my hotspot. It was that good!

Now I know that this area is suppose to have gotten the network vision upgrades and even this past summer I had great reception BUT this was the most consistent I have ever had it. Having great reception has a very important side effect. That would be my battery. When my phone doesn’t have to continually work to bring in a weak or non existant signal I can have a battery that lasts more than three hours.

Now Sprint, how about you continue this positive movement and step up your upgrades.