Watchout for Phishing!

Just want to reiterate that phishing attempts are everywere.  Here is one that was forwarded to me from a client:

From: Webmail Help Desk [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 10:36 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Dear Webmail Account User,

This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail admin center
which periodically checks the size of inbox, The program is run
automatically to ensure no user inbox grows too large. If your inbox
becomes too large,you will
be unable to receive new emails.

Just before this message was sent, you are
currently running on 20.9 GB, You have has exceeded the storage limit
which is 20GB.  To help us re-set your Account SPACE on our database prior
to maintain your INBOX, you must reply to
this e-mail providing us your Current User name ( …
… … … )   and Password ( … ….. … ) e-mail ( … .. … … ).
[email protected]
If your inbox grows to 22.0 GB, you will be unable to receive new email as
it will be returned to the sender.

NB:Your Webmail Account Expire in Three (3) Days. After you read this
message, it is best to REPLY with the required information to upgrade
MailBox. Reply to this message immediately to Re activate your Account.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Webmail Help Desk.
System Administrator.

First, no one is actually going to ask you for your password.  An administrator will already have access to your info.  Second, the email address is not from your ISP which also means it is probably false.  Keep an eye out for these attempts because if you fall for just will have massive amounts of work to do to get your identity back.