Old wireless phones and wifi

I needed help from the cellular company to fix my parents wiifi. They use an EVDO modem at their home with built-in wifi. They have two laptops with windows xp and windows 7 respectfully.

At first everything was great until I had to re-image the Windows XP laptop. I had my dad fedex the laptop to me where I re-imaged the machine and used it on my wireless network. When I sent it back to him it wouldn’t connect via wireless. I tried all the tricks in the book and it wouldn’t connect.

My 10 year old wireless handset that I gave them seems to have caused the problem. I honestly am not sure if that is the whole story or not. The reason being it worked before I touched the computer. I was also told by another tech to take Microsoft Security Essentials (which i love) off because it was an XP machine with only 512mb of ram. So I did. I run avast on it now. Also, the tech deleted the original wifi profile which I did as well but it didn’t do any good.

In any event, it is up and running again and the tech changed the channel on the router, which is why I called them in the first place, and now it is functional again.