Chrome CR-48 versus my Lenovo!

Today is my first day using my lenovo instead of my Chrome notebook in about a week. I still can’t replace this old thing but it is definitely a change for me.

First, my lenovo has a 15 inch screen. It will be my last 15 inch screen. The smaller the screen means the lighter the notebook which also means the shorter it is. Second, my chrome notebook has chicklet keys versus all the lenovo keys being next to each other with virtually no space inbetween. I’ve always had issues typing passwords fast with the shift key on this thing. In any event, the next difference is the battery life. 3.5 hrs with an extended battery and a very dimmed display versus something that has much more than 3.5 hrs.

Lastly, windows versus Chrome OS. Here is the reason why I needed to use my lenovo today. I use teamviewer a lot for work. On the Chrome notebook I am able to use teamviewer on the web. It isn’t bad but I do prefer the stand alone program for teamviewer. I am little quicker with it.

Actually, I have one more item that I use on this that I can’t on my Chrome.  FTP.  I use filezilla which is a stand alone program.

That’s all I have for today on this.  I much prefer the smaller screen, the lightness and the keyboard on the Chrome OS.  Also, I will admit that my screen on my lenovo is easier to read with full brightness.