iPhone is coming to Verizon – I get it so can we shutup about it now?

I should have looked at how many hits in google news there were for iphone and verizon.  I bet just about every news and blog out there has posted Iphone stories.  I new some of the blogs I check such as BGR and Engadget felt they should swamp their sites with coverage.  Annoying if you ask me.  For example one article was about why I am switching to Verizon and the next one is why they are not switching.  They really were not that bad of articles and they both gave pros and cons.  I also bet they got tons of hits and ad views because of it.   I don’t know why it bothers me but the iPhone is not the end all phone.  It is not a perfect phone and in fact, the android OS is very advanced compared to Apple.

I saw the clip from the Daily Show where they were so happy to finally be able to make calls with their phone.  Thought it was a great funny segment.  What irritated me was the people they interviewed who all complained of drop calls.  Why don’t they just use a phone that doesn’t drop calls?  I was on AT&T these past 3 years as well and have horrible reception in some areas (all areas of Austin).  I stayed with them for financial reasons (rollover, most clients on at&t, etc.)  Those on iphone plans are not on their to save money.

This is not jealousy on my part.  I have no problems with apple products but I don’t like how controlling they are.  They decide which apps are allowed and which are not.  It also doesn’t help that they decided to partner with AT&T who I’ve always resented.  My next phone will not be on AT&T nor will it be a blackberry again.  It will be an android which is open-sourced and constantly being updated.  Yes, my next computer will most likely be a Mac Air.  In fact, I want to do more research into their server software as well.  Having a tiny server intrigues me.