Chrome CR-48 still having some issues

While writing this I got an update!  This is the version on the beta channel.

Chrome OS (Official Build ede4cb9c) beta x86-mario

Google Chrome





I originally started to write this about the lack of updates but we shall see what happens. I don’t know what has changed but the following list is my wish list.

  • touchpad is just terrible.  The gestures only work part of the time.  Random gestures seem to happen all the time on maps and other things like
  • sluggish.  It really feels like it is getting slower.  It could be must me but it just doesn’t seem to be as quick as it was originally.
  • brightness buttons stopped working.  The update didn’t fix them. The work now.  Don’t know what happened.
  • Adobe Flash playback could be smoother.  Not sure what needs to be done for this.  Might not be powerful enough to play decently on a TV output.
  • Not sure why but it doesn’t seem like web apps are syncing with my other computers.  I had to install scratchpad manually on another computer but I did see imo instant messenger looked available.
  • That’s really it for now.  I’m still loving it.  If I owned a larger company I would definitely want to test the concept of giving them these chrome books and pair it with a virtual desktop like citrix through the web.