Finally, I am starting to like my Chrome Cr-48

A few updates have gone in since my last post. I’ve also switched to developer mode. This should mean it is more unstable but I’ve found that it actually seems to work better. It’s really starting to grow on me.

Recently, there was a post about getting the notebook to work on 3G by inserting a sim card. I wasn’t able to get that to work and in fact, I ended up having to restore from a flash drive.

Everything seems a bit quicker now and I think I even read that some HTML tests prove that it is quicker. The touchpad is still annoying but is less touchy than before. Haven’t played around much with the audio but it seems to be doing much better as well. I don’t recall hearing any garbled audio coming out of it.

One caveat: There is a memory leak. It progressively got slower as I used it for a full day. I shut it down and restarted it and it went back to being quick. I can live with that.

In the end I still am having a hard time picturing this outside a corporate environment. In certain situations I think it can work but I am not sold on it as a consumer device. I still wish I had the opportunity to test this out with some virtualization being pushed to it. I think that is where this lies.

Also, it sure would be nice if the Google Android Map app would be used on the Chrome Notebook. Would make it easier for me to use it while visiting sites.