Backing up your hard drive? Don’t want to pay for backup software?

I was digging around trying to find a freeware backup option. Originally wanted to use rsync but that wouldn’t work for my current situation. I have a NAS drive that I wanted to backup to an external drive.

rsync wasn’t going to work because I didn’t have “2 computers” to communicate with. While both drives are Western Digital Mybooks, one is an external drive and one is NAS. Their backup software doesn’t work with one backing up to the other. It seems weird to me.

There is another command line option I could have used but I use it on a few servers and it doesn’t seem to always work as I want it to.–automatically-back-up-your-hard-drive

This was the post that steered me to SyncBack. I am using the freeware version. I followed the directions in the blog post by setting up 3 different backups. Along with daily, weekly and monthly it does call for bimonthly. I decided against that. May not have enough room.

Enjoy the free backup software! I know I will.