Another Review of Sprint (and a little on AT&T)on St Thomas this time in the East End

A few months ago I wrote a short review of Sprint when I was living in Mahagony Run on the Northside of St. Thomas.  Since then we bought a home in Nazareth on the East End of the island.  I knew that many of the areas around here will be difficult to get reception due to the hilly terrain.  I honestly thought that my reception on this side of the island would be better due to being almost at the very top of the hill. Haha!  Who am I kidding?  It’s worse!

Inside the home, I am lucky to get 1 bar.  On the 2nd floor it is a bit better with 2 bars or it pops into roaming.  If I go outside onto the porch I can sometimes get 3 bars in a certain area facing North East.  With that out of the way what about the Sprint data connection?  Don’t bother.  It is worse than dialup no matter where you try.

I still have my Sprint Airwave but have been unable to use it.  DSL was installed but that is currently in disarray.  I am getting double dial up speeds due to extreme static and it stops working at 6:45pm each night.  I have a call into innovative to fix the first problem.  I’m hoping if they can reduce the line noise that the DSL speeds will increase and it will stop the cutting off each night.

We still have an AT&T iPhone.  Exact same problems.  I’m not sure why but this area does not like the big 2.  I plan to get a pay as you go cell so I can have a 340 number, I sure hope Innovative has reception here as they are the cheapest.

I should also mention, the Ritz Carlton reception has been the same since December.  Low bars but the data connection is fine on both Sprint and AT&T with AT&T taking the edge over Sprint.  At Secret Harbor, I had full bars on my phone.  I didn’t try to stream anything but I will be testing it out next weekend when I have more time.