How to shutdown Windows 8 or reboot

Windows 8 was officially released a month or two ago.  Prior to it’s release it was in RC(release candidate) form where people could download and trial it for free.  While Windows 8 has been panned by many in the IT field it received rave reviews from a large amount of publishers.

This split is made worse when you begin to read the comments from users who have used Windows 8.  Many say it is a short learning curve and really isn’t that bad. Others state it is the next Vista while others just blame it on old people who don’t like change.

I like change.  I embrace it.  I may not be in my twenties anymore but I am far from being considered old.  My professional opinion of Windows 8 is that it is a terrible piece of software.  It is only fair that I should explain myself.  I will have to explain myself in another post since I wasted 15 minutes trying to figure out how to reboot Windows (again).

So here is my tip for people on how to shutdown Windows.

If on the tiles then just start typing.  type “shutdown -r” to reboot and “shutdown -s” to turn windows 8 off.  If you are on the desktop then move the cursor to the lower left corner to get the little icon to go back to the tiles.  Good luck to you on getting the tiles back.  Usually takes me 10 tries for the stupid icon to pop up.  No exaggeration.  The other problem I had was I typed shutdown but it said no apps available because I didn’t use the dash.