I wish they made smaller Windows computers at affordable prices

When I travel to my client’s locations to install a computer I usually have to install these towers. Now, I am testing a Shuttle HTPC as a small server for a client. However, a regular desktop for an employee who needs several Windows programs like Office and Quickbooks an HTPC computer is just out of their price range.

If an HTPC the size of shuttle can be made with the same parts as an office desktop then why can’t they be mass produced? I assume the obvious answer is the tighter spaces makes it harder to gain access to put the computer parts into it. Is that really the answer? We have cellphones that are basically handheld computers.

I want to reiterate that I am talking about WINDOWS machines..love or hate Microsoft I am never getting certain clients to switch to something else. At my house I use a small Acer Veriton with an Atom chip in it. I love the thing. It can fit completely behind a monitor; or a TV in my instance. It’s not a speed demon but it is energy efficient and does everything I need of it.

So how about making those same boxes but with an energy efficient Core i3 in it? Yes, cooling is a concern but there are no fans on those shuttle HTPCs. Add an SSD and a pipe cooling system and you really shouldn’t have any heating issues.

It’s just a thought that I wanted to put on paper. I don’t like bulky computers and even the SFF that HP makes take up more room that I would like.