HTC One is a Beautiful but Flawed Phone


I am fed up defending my phone.  The latest issue with it has to do with the wifi.  I have 2 networks in my house due to two internet connections. I am also very familiar with wifi networks.

The only thing a google search showed me was people blaming the routers.  This is definitely not the case in my instance.

  1. This is my 4th HTC One and first time with this issue.
  2. I have issues with both my wpa and my open access points
  3. This issue just started this week and there were NO UPDATES
  4. My wife’s phone doesn’t have this issue.

I love my camera.  Absolutely LOVE IT but I don’t know how much  more I can keep using that as excuse to stick with the phone.  My other issues are poor reception in relation to my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S3 and poor switching between 3G and 4G areas.

The battery is fine now since I am on my 4th phone but I think in a year I would dread not having a replaceable battery.  You could really tell how quickly the battery starts to wear out.

Lastly, if you are wondering how I could be on my 4th HTC One it is very simple.  2 had screen issues where certain parts of the screen stopped working and another one had a battery that wouldn’t charge above 47%.