Good: KitKat Update Last Night for my HTC One Bad: 6 HTC One phones in 7 Months

I updated my HTC One to KitKat last night.  That update came faster than  I expected.  The bad part is this is my 6th HTC One phone and Sprint refuses to swap it out for a different model.  My last phone had a screwed up noise cancellation microphone.  In other words, no one could hear me if I spoke into the handset.  If I switched to speakerphone or used a headset it worked great.

I am going to stick with the HTC One until the 1 yr mark and see if anything else breaks on it.  Don’t know if Sprint will swap it for free.  I swear I have learned my lesson with HTC.  I won’t ever give them anymore of my money.

Thank you HTC for updating the phone.  I do appreciate that but your quality assurance is the worst.  Even if I am getting refurbs each time they should still pass a QA test.  Financially, you can’t afford to alienate any of your remaining customers.  You don’t answer any tweets.  I couldn’t talk to a human when I first ordered the phone.  I couldn’t take advantage of the case special because your site didn’t work.  I just don’t see how you are going to pull out of this nose dive HTC.