Amazon Music Importer the only way to upload music to Amazon

I had to use Amazon Music Importer to get my music into Amazon.  I’ve been storing my music with them and Google for a few years now but I hadn’t realized that Amazon changed the way you upload music.  I have an old ipod that I am going to start using again.  I hate iTunes to I found a program called CopyTrans Manager that is shareware.  I’ve used it in the past and it worked fine.  I wanted to add/delete some songs off the iPod.  Can you believe that most of the songs on my iPod are not in Amazon?  I still can’t believe it.  In any event I figured I need to get these songs uploaded to Amazon before I delete them from the iPod.  During this process I find out that I can’t just click “upload” to upload music to Amazon.  I needed to download and install Amazon Music Importer which uses Adobe Air.  I feel like I have too many programs installed on my computer the way it is.

What really concerned me is if I were to switchover to linux and dump windows would that mean I can’t ever upload new music to Amazon?