Amazon Music Importer the only way to upload music to Amazon

I had to use Amazon Music Importer to get my music into Amazon.  I’ve been storing my music with them and Google for a few years now but I hadn’t realized that Amazon changed the way you upload music.  I have an old ipod that I am going to start using again.  I hate iTunes to I found a program called CopyTrans Manager that is shareware.  I’ve used it in the past and it worked fine.  I wanted to add/delete some songs off the iPod.  Can you believe that most of the songs on my iPod are not in Amazon?  I still can’t believe it.  In any event I figured I need to get these songs uploaded to Amazon before I delete them from the iPod.  During this process I find out that I can’t just click “upload” to upload music to Amazon.  I needed to download and install Amazon Music Importer which uses Adobe Air.  I feel like I have too many programs installed on my computer the way it is.

What really concerned me is if I were to switchover to linux and dump windows would that mean I can’t ever upload new music to Amazon?


(updated) Please Wait. Very Low Battery – Ipod

I finally fixed this problem. Someone on the apple forums had posted about this prior to it working for me. Unfortunately, I missed a portion of the answer.

Pop the cover off the ipod by using a special plastic tool or I just use guitar picks to avoid scratching the case. There is a battery ribbon that runs from the front of the case to the back. Disconnect it for 10 MINUTES. After 10 minutes reconnect it, plug it into the wall for a few minutes and then it will register with Itunes. Unfortunately a system restore is required but it’s better than throwing it away.

The part i missed was the 10 minutes to allow for a complete discharge. I replaced the battery and backplate but it didn’t take 10 minutes.

iPod and iTunes Setup

The new nanos are pretty aren't they
The new nano

Another short item about iPods.  When you get your iPod you actually cannot use it right out of the box.  You need to install iTunes.  Honestly, don’t bother with the CD.  Just download it off the internet.  You can find it here.  It will install iTunes and Quicktime.  Both programs are needed for your iPod.  Now, one thing to remember is that iTunes and Quicktime periodically check for updates to themselves.  Go ahead and download the updates but BE CAREFUL.  Apple started a very bad habit a few months ago and they really haven’t been called out on it yet. They include things that you may or may not be interested in like their own web browser called Safari and MobileMe.  Don’t bother downloading either one.  Use Firefox for your internet and pretend MobileMe doesn’t exist(Apple probably wishes it doesn’t exist either!)  Oh, and if you see anything about Bonjour it’s an Apple thing.

Once iTunes is installed it will ask you to reboot.  Go ahead and reboot.  After the reboot you can connect the iPod and it will automatically start to work!

Another tip: Use a computer that is only about 2 or 3 years at the oldest.  USB 1.0/1.1 is really slow.  New machines are all USB 2.0.