Should I use Google Domains or Amazon as my registrar?

Should I use Google Domains or Amazon as my registrar?  That’s the question I have been asking myself.  Right now it looks like Google is the better deal because you can use it’s DNS service for free while Amazon charges for their Route 53 service (50 cents per month per domain).  When it comes to heavy usage I have no idea which company would be better but I’d assume they would be very similar on reliability.

Both services have several things in common from pricing to private registration to security.  When talking about their pricing being the same neither company is very competitive.  While we are only talking about a couple of dollars versus a base rate on a competitive registrar those couple of dollars can add up when you are paying for several dozen names a year.  That’s what makes it even harder for me to recommend domain registration through Route 53.  I would have to pay the annual $12 for a .com AND $7 on top of that for DNS.

I use Amazon’s AWS services almost exclusively because they were one of the first and they have a strong community to lean on for support.  I would like to see both services increase the competition in the registrar field.  It’s due for some innovation.

Google Domains Beta

As you can see from the screenshot it’s a very simple interface for changing a domain’s settings.  All I did was transfer one my own domains to google to see how it would work.  Certainly it is still in beta but I can’t see why they wouldn’t roll this out soon.