Elementary OS Freya Beta

I installed the Elementary OS Freya Beta tonight.  The filename says August 10, 2014 on it.  I installed it as a virtual machine in Virtual Box.  I currently use Elementary OS – Luna everyday in Virtualbox.  The settings are 1 core and 2 gigs of RAM.  I’ve also allocated 15 GB.  Last time 15 GB wasn’t enough for all my extra stuff.

On first boot after install I got the blue background and on the top was Applications, the date and time, and network and power buttons.  The launcher on the bottom didn’t appear so after a reset it shows now.  I’ll need to figure out if I can install guest additions and get the screen looking better.  First impressions is that this is much easier on the eyes than Luna was.

I pulled up software center to install chromium and can’t even find a search box.  I’m guessing it is hidden due to the large view I am seeing in my little window.  I did eventually find chromium but I would prefer to have searched for it.  Also, before it downloaded it asked what source I wanted to use.  The only source available was universe.  I just don’t remember that from last time.

I”m going to post some more about it tomorrow.  I know it is in beta but its had several months to mature since Ubuntu 14.04 was released.

Screenshot 2014-08-18 20.11.09