Elementary OS Freya Beta Part 2

I did a short post yesterday about my install of the latest version of Elementary OS Freya Beta.  As of this morning I decided to check for some updates via the terminal.  The updates went in just fine but I thought the default font in terminal was a little off.  It may have to do with the guest additions still not being installed.

This is what it  looks like before Guest Additions are installed:

Screenshot from 2014-08-18 20:59:46


This is what it looks like after Guest Additions are installed.

Screenshot from 2014-08-19 09:00:52


The resolution changed!  Still not a fan of the default font.

  •  I was missing my dock again after a reboot.  I hit the power button and then it appeared.  I did another reboot and it showed up right away.  On my 4th reboot after Guest Additions was installed it was missing again!  Another reboot did the trick.  Wonder if it is a random issue.  I did submit a bug report.
  • I logged into chromium and now the Applications list in Freya includes 2 of my Chrome apps.  Chrome RDP and 2X Remote both show in the list.  It seems like they both open in a window.
  • Installing Guest additions didn’t change any defaults so installed the dkms ones instead and that worked.  Now I can change the resolution.

That’s all the time I have right now.  I’ll try to take more notes this afternoon.

UPDATE from this afternoon:

Only 1 very annoying bug but I don’t know how to pin point it.  In terminal the cursor will freeze for about 10 seconds.  It happens quite frequently but I don’t know if I can even put a time interval on it.  Maybe every few minutes it happens?  You think that the cursor is not doing anything but it does remember what keys were pressed before the freeze.

Elementary OS Freya Beta

I installed the Elementary OS Freya Beta tonight.  The filename says August 10, 2014 on it.  I installed it as a virtual machine in Virtual Box.  I currently use Elementary OS – Luna everyday in Virtualbox.  The settings are 1 core and 2 gigs of RAM.  I’ve also allocated 15 GB.  Last time 15 GB wasn’t enough for all my extra stuff.

On first boot after install I got the blue background and on the top was Applications, the date and time, and network and power buttons.  The launcher on the bottom didn’t appear so after a reset it shows now.  I’ll need to figure out if I can install guest additions and get the screen looking better.  First impressions is that this is much easier on the eyes than Luna was.

I pulled up software center to install chromium and can’t even find a search box.  I’m guessing it is hidden due to the large view I am seeing in my little window.  I did eventually find chromium but I would prefer to have searched for it.  Also, before it downloaded it asked what source I wanted to use.  The only source available was universe.  I just don’t remember that from last time.

I”m going to post some more about it tomorrow.  I know it is in beta but its had several months to mature since Ubuntu 14.04 was released.

Screenshot 2014-08-18 20.11.09